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Friday, November 26, 2010

1st Avenue Mall Penang

"Is Penang ready for another mall?" Well, why don't you explore it yourself!

The 1st Avenue Mall had just open for public on the 25th of November. The interior was kinda stylish. My interpretation about the interior is 'Gurney meets Pavilion... in a smaller size'.

Since it's only open yesterday, not many store are open yet but I can roughly say that 40% of the shop has already open.

Yes, Kenny Roger's Roasters! No need for us to go till Queensbay Mall for one. Simple head to 1st Avenue Mall.

Rotiboy is kinda the hit for this newly open mall. Maybe they attract customer by promotion such as "Like" their Facebook page for a coupon.

Not as I expected for a classy mall but still acceptable...

Shops and more shops. Never bored with all these 'window shopping' shop. How nice of them.

The technology in this mall kinda amused me. Example, the Infrared Sensor Door.

Most of the mall these days use slide door and yet, a little bit of old school and technology sure is nostalgia.

Next, Transparent glass lift. Creepy yet enjoying!

I am predicting 1st Avenue Mall 'almost' going to the same with Gurney Plaza because of this.

Red Box! Young teens' heaven; but they will be quite disappointed by the 'arcade'.

Arcade ya.... I wonder. It looks more like a playground for kids.

Anyway, the difference between this mall and others is you can see the world from this mall. LITERALLY seeing the world; Penang of course.

I wonder how will it be when night falls?

Escalator Gurney-style! Amusing but I like it!

If you are free, try out the new Nerf guns! If you like it buy it, if not well you have fun shooting it. On the 28th of November, the Flyfm crew will come to this mall for a match out! If you are free, check them out!

Conclusion, 1st Avenue Mall is quite enjoying although the size is smaller than Gurney but hey, it's in town. Better than Prangin Mall and most important, wayyyy better than Penang Times Square!

There is something strange in this mall, makes me ponder and wonder... What are they going to build here?

Hmmm... *curious*

Monday, November 22, 2010

Best of Lucks!

To all SPM and STPM candidates, all the best and

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Battle of Fast Food

If you were asked to name 2 fast food restaurant, it's clear that it will be

McDonald's aka McD

Kentucky Fried Chicken aka KFC

Yes, the battle between burgers and fried chickens. Upon catching up the modern taste buds, both of these restaurants released a new flavor! Let's review!

McDonald's had been snatching the teens' hearts because of the free refills they offer; And the results was almost all outlet had became a 'library'.

Yes, from Triple Cheeseburger to Black Pepper Spicy Chicken McDeluxe to this, McChicken Supreme. Well, I can't practically take beef, so sorry but the second twist was definitely a hit, until, this. McChicken with the addition of

A slice of 'Smoky Chicken' which practically looks like a ham or bacon

And a slice of tomato.. Nice?

Well, with the additional ingredients come with an additional price. Guess what? It costs RM1.20 more than McChicken! A bacon and slice of tomato.... RM1.20? Anyway, the crunchy chicken patty overcome the taste of the 'smoky chicken', so it taste 95% the same from McChicken. 'Awesome'!

In other hand we have KFC! Finger licking good chicken that never fail to satisfied our taste bud but let's check out the new product.

Yes, spices make everything prefect, the Mega Mix Crunch; but sometimes it could be very disappointing. Couple days ago my friend and I went to an outlet in Farlim and when he ordered the dishes, it SERIOUSLY looked the same compared to the Hot & Spicy. Yes, the same!

Anyway, I think it might be the outlet problem because it's quite different when I visited other outlet in Penang. The taste was pretty nice, a little spicier than the regular Hot & Spicy; just it's disappointing when it's just a little difference. Price wise, thumbs up. *smile*

Overall, the new products from each restaurant have their own pros and cons. Choose wisely when you wanted to try anything new because you might be even heartbroken due to disappointment! Well, since fast food are quite unhealthy nowadays, why not go organic?

Yes to spinach!.... 0.0''

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Starbucks Season Greeting

The Christmas Flavor is back! Lets grab the Toffee Nut Frappuccino and Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino today!!

It's tempting, yeah! Icy-cold fraps will definitely makes your holiday goes well!

That's not all Starbucks got for you this holiday season. Every good year needs to be planned properly, therefore they just released the new Starbucks Planner 2011!

How to get it? Just spend any beverages of Grande size and start collecting your stamps. You just need 12 stamps to get this awesome planner!

Watcha waiting for?

Imma getting mine soon! Peppermint Mocha.... *grin*

Saturday, November 6, 2010

7-Eleven Day

Date of Event: 7-11-2010. *Sounds familiar*

Yes, the 24 hour's convenient store, 7-Eleven is celebrating tomorrow! Nation-wide with lots of gift to be given away. Example, the limited edition Magnetic Notepad.

Yes, if you spend more than RM7, you are given one of these item! Furthermore, freebies from Darlie, Julies, Ricola Lozenges and Schick Shaver to customers regardless any purchases made.

Anyways, the bad news was during this event, "FREE Slurpee" is just a myth in Malaysia. These is what I overlook when I was reading some comments in Slurpee Nator.

Anyway, don't be sad. You can always support Slurpee! Just buy one!

Slurpee are tempting, right? *smile*

Thursday, November 4, 2010

PC EXPO 2010

Modern lifestyle equivalence technology but nowadays the demand of the society is GREEN!

Yes, it has been going on in 9 locations but hey, I am a 'Penang Lang', lets talk about PENANG; and yes, it's happening here.

Location : PISA, Penang
Date : 3 - 5 December 2010
Opening hours : 11am till 9pm

I am excited for this event because we haven't been seeing PIKOM's PC Fair since early August and the most recent, PC Show in D' Piazza was disappointing.


For more information, you can always head on to their Facebook (Who doesn't have one?) or visit their website. Lots and lots of prize to be won; Lucky draws, lucky spins and iPad!

See you there! I guess...?

Yea sure, why not?