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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Drive Angry

Lets begin with the show. Drive Angry, acted by the one-and-only Nicholas Cage, released in Malaysia on the 25th of February… blah blah, read Wikipedia if you wan to know more or watch the movie instead.

DSC00268 (1024x768)

Well, thanks to Nuffnang for the pair of tickets for me to watch Drive Angry in the latest cinema in town, TGV Cinema, 1st Avenue Mall.

DSC00258 (1024x766)

My review for the cinema was it’s not as big as GSC but the seats were comfortable and cozy. The air-con was freaking cool as I was shaking in there. Sound systems were driving me crazy, in a good way!

Speaking of ‘driving’, meet some cars before you speak about a movie, lets talk reality!


DSC00245 (1024x768)

DSC00247 (1024x768)

Not into red? How about yellow??

DSC00246 (1024x768)

or maybe this sickening one? Argh I want this!!!!

DSC00248 (1024x768)

Awesome! I mean hey, you don’t see 11 luxurious sport cars lining up everyday right? Why not indulge it will you can?


DSC00251 (1024x768)DSC00252 (1024x768)


DSC00249 (1024x768)

Unfortunately they did not bring Lamborghini here, DAYUM! But never mind, at least they brought Lotus here.

DSC00253 (1024x768)

DSC00250 (1024x768)

Ah… what a fantasy to own one of these cars. Just imagine the crowd snapping pictures and indulging their fantasy… and free movie passes and merchandises were given away!

DSC00255 (1024x768)

DSC00254 (1024x768)

Back to reality, I mean the movie. Since Nuffnang gave 75 Nuffnangers a pair of tickets and I am one of the lucky ones, thanks for the tickets but I wasted my another one since I have no date. =(

DSC00265 (1024x768)

My review towards the movie was a shocked. Well, this is my 1st time ever I went into a rated 18 movie since my birthday was only a month ago and yes, I am 18 now. Thanks for asking. =)

What I meant was I never thought of the word ”F**k” or “B*tch’ would be used in the cinema. Well, it’s not my 1st time watching movie with foul languages but it’s in cinema, public. Everyone has their first time, just bear with me.

To be honest, the movie was actually good, cool effects and action parts but I would recommend everyone to buy DVD to watch because in cinema, A LOT OF scene were censored or ‘cut’. It freaking annoys me when I see some bad guy going to attack and the next scene I saw him dead already, wtf?

Overall, it’s your choice. Sound system or uncensored parts? You choice. *grins*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

It’s all bout’ Techs

In the 21st century, no one will survive without a computer. Do you agree?

No matter how hard you disagree with the statement, it’s the fact in this era, we are living with the comfort of technologies. Desktop, laptop, camera, mp3 player, iPod, tablet, cellphone, etc.

Although we live in a small island called Penang but technology is always developing right here or maybe right now. Therefore, it’s time to restock our techs as PIKOM’s PC Fair is back!


This year they will be a slight change of venue as it will be at Dewan Tunku or as known as KOMTAR Dome. The date will be the 11th till the 13th of March 2011.

My suggestions for these kind of fair are try not buy your computer here.


You might never knew what kind of hardware will they implant into your computer as it’s the latest or not, furthermore computers these days aren’t exactly cheap as it will reach 1k or more.

The stuffs that I do recommend are accessories such as memory drives, mouse, headphone, etc.

computer accessory copy

These are the items that nothing is switched or changed, maybe it can be some EOL items but hey, it’s still work! Anyhow, if it doesn’t, there’s warranty

If you can’t find anything suitable during PC Fair, don’t worry because a week after it, PC Expo will be held at PISA.


It’s getting more and more competitive every year as technology advanced in such a speed. Choose one to visit or maybe you want to spend 2 weeks of your weekends to visit such occasion?

Have fun spending! *smile*

Monday, February 14, 2011

53rd Grammy's Award

And the Album of the Year goes to.......

The Suburbs, Arcade Fire!!

Yeah!!.... Oh wait, who are they?

Seriously, I waited and watched the Grammy's for 3 hours patiently to know who win for Album of the Year and you gave it to a rock band that shouts and scream eerily? And the worst part was I see nothing but bicycles flying around the stage during their performances.

Come on! There's Eminem, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or even the top winner of the night, Lady Antebellum. Why some freak band? Weird choice.

Congratulation to Lady Antebellum for winning 5 Grammys! 'Need You Now' is really a nice song, hopefully we will hear more from these powerband!

Egg? Oh, it's just Lady Gaga inside it. Making a grand entrance as ever, Lady Gaga won 3 Grammys which is okay, right Gaga? Anyway, she did debut performance of her latest single, Born This Way which is released last Friday.

It's Bieber, ya it's him. Surprisingly that evening he wasn't as cocky as ever, I guess he's growing? Anyway, it surprised me when he did not win the Best New Artist instead the award was won by Esperanza Spalding.

Well, better luck next year, Bieber.

Eminem, the man! Powerful rap as ever. Performance by this man is great as ever with Rihanna for 'Love The Way You Lie Part 2' and also Dr. Dre and Adam Levine for 'I Need A Doctor'. Nominated for 10 awards but only won 2? Grammys is getting more unfair for the talented.

Anyway we'll still support you.

Bruno Mars. 1 Grammy. Not bad, not bad. No further comment.

Overall, the 3 hours of Grammy's was kinda down. Performances were great but predictable, the predictable winners turned up differently and the only fun part was the performance of the singer of the song other wise known as Forget You, Cee-Lo Green!

F***/Forget You!~

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Craze: Born This Way

Lady Gaga had JUST released her newest single, Born This Way! Check it OUT!

I'm on the right track baby, I was BornThisWay! *smile*