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Sunday, June 26, 2011

EziVoucher Deals

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De Title dining cabin, only for RM13.80 for a SEMI BUFFET! That's just awesome. The place is situated in Lorong Selamat and based on the comments by public, it's quite highly rated due to the food and surrounding.

How true is there? Just have to find out myself!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

It’s not like my usual post about the random stuff that happens to me. Today I would just like to express my feeling and thoughts here.

2 years plus had passed and the Earth is still spinning, everyone is still going through life. I still can remember that fateful day, clearly as it was just yesterday. I was having my one of my best day of my life as I was in school and it was PE, volleyball is the game and I totally have a great time. That 5 hours at school was seriously fun cause the day later, I will be having my trail examination for one of the important examination of my life.

After school, it’s was time to go home and as usual my dad picked my up with the usual motorcycle and headed home. At home, I broke my daily routine by going to study for my examination (I don’t usually study). I studied for around an hour and decided to take a break. I sat down at the living room and did nothing. Mom was hanging clothes outside and then, something happened.

I heard voice of my dad, he was sleeping at that time. Something like a grunt but I did not care about it. A while after the first sound, it happened again and frequent. I went and asked my mom about it and she thought he was having nightmare. Then, we approached him and try to wake him up but we can’t. Then we shouted and hit him but it failed. My brother quickly try to do CPR on him and I went for ambulance call.

As I called the ambulance, I was really scared and I really don’t know what to say, I just told them my address and told them to be quick! They told me they don’t know the specific area, so they asked me to stay outside the main road. I went quickly outside and waited for them.

Waited and waited for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, no sign of ambulance. My neighbour called the ambulance again to confirm and a couple of minutes later, it arrived. As I was outside, I don’t know what is happening inside but I could guess, my brother keep doing CPR. When they arrived, I can guess it was too late already but I couldn’t accepted the reality. Hoping and hoping and hoping but when the paramedics told us that he was gone, my mom cry in despair, my brother try to be strong and me, I just keep quiet and I just could not accept the reality. I was thinking that maybe it’s just a dream or a movie, everything will be okay by tomorrow or later but my senses came to my and told me that everything will not be okay anymore.

Anyway, it had already happened a couple years ago and my family is slowly getting over the grief and sadness but till today, these memories will always be in my mind. I just want to say I really love you, dad even you are always strict with me, scold me but you are the only father of me. Happy Father’s Day to you in paradise…

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monkey Beach

It’s been a while I went for hiking, as the last time was here


And then, why not step up for a little challenge in life?

A classmate of mine suggest for a hike to the infamous Monkey Beach of Penang, which is located somewhere in the north of Penang. Somewhere in the jungle, I guess?

IMG_4453 (1024x768)

Before we entered the jungle, oh by the way, this jungle we are talking about here is a reserved forest. Yes, ‘Taman Negara Pulau Pinang’ which stands for ‘Penang’s Reserved Forest’.

IMG_4413 (1024x768)

Well, as for the government property, we had to register before we entered. Just a simple registration to ensure that what remains there, remains there.

Well, our journey started with a stroll down to the nature and greeted by a sign.

IMG_4419 (1024x768)

We wanted to go to Monkey Beach, therefore right we go. Seriously, it was my first time hiking there, so I will spare you the details. I was truly amazed by the beauty of the nature, the flora and fauna was amazing.

IMG_4418 (1024x768)

IMG_4422 (1024x768)

But the deeper we went, the more frustrating it be. This is NOT a hike! This is a jungle trekking! Seriously, I was thinking of hiking upward but all I did was moving forward with a little incline and decline.

IMG_4441 (1024x768)

Our journey was tiring but when I saw these white sandy beach,

IMG_4436 (1024x768)

YESH! All my frustration were swept by the salty sea. Niceee..

IMG_4430 (1024x768)

But when I asked “Are we here?”, I got the reply, “No, there’s another 1 hours hike to go”… FML! Urghhh…

Anyway, I just went on the flow and hike for another hour and then T.G.I.M (Thank God It’s Monday), we reached Monkey Beach!

IMG_4439 (1024x768)

Tired and hungry, therefore we quickly sat down the benches and started eating ‘nasi lemak’ courtesy from the organiser. 

After our loving brunch by the sea, it’s time for some entertainment! Beach Volleyball!

IMG_4446 (1024x768)

And not to forget, music.

IMG_4457 (1024x768)

Our heaven was so perfectly lovely until a beast showed up.

IMG_4460 (1024x768)

A monkey! “Duh, that’s why it’s called Monkey Beach”

The girls were freaked out, screaming in fear…. so are some of the guys. The ferocious beast went searching for food near our bags but luckily with a little taunting and ‘manhood’ from the guys, the heroes saved the day. How fairytale-like, but the girls weren’t paying attention of the ‘manhood’ of the guys. Pity us.

IMG_4432 (1024x768)

Anyway, we did spent our sweet time there in the nature for almost the whole morning and the afternoon. That was really fun… I meant it!

IMG_4463 (1024x768)

Everyone was so tired and they refused to hike by the trail we used, therefore as an alternative, we took a boat back to the civilisation.

IMG_4490 (1024x768)

Quick and wonderful, it’s really a great experience for us cause not everyone get a chance to sit on a big fishing boat, courtesy to the organiser again. (Really nice organiser)

IMG_4500 (1024x768)

IMG_4504 (1024x768)

IMG_4507 (1024x768)

It was really a wonderful hike and beach. Everyone in Penang should try to hike! But as a tip for you guys, try to get the name card of the boat service in front of the center first before you enter the nature.

Who knows you might need it, right? *smile*

Thursday, June 2, 2011



It’s a event must go for everyone; Apple lover, techno-geek, everyone in Penang! The Switch World is back and now it’s in Gurney Plaza!

Date : 9th – 12 June 2011

Venue : Gurney Plaza, Penang

It’s time to get your Apple goodies from this cool event, Switch99 (pronounce as SwitchNineNine) which will held from 10th – 12 June 2011. What’s so special about this event?

Each day, 50 coupons of Switch99 will be sold to customers for RM99 only. Then, they are entitled ONE chance to draw from a box to determine the item they will be receiving.

The worst one can get is goodies bag fill with various goodies and containing a Cash Voucher worth RM99. That’s not a big lost anyway but there are other items such as




More to be reveal, therefore keep track of them in their Facebook page. Anyway, sources said that iPod Touch 8GB is not the highest cash value there in the draw list.

Mark your calendar and let’s charge towards Switch World in Gurney Plaza!