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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The X-Factor USA Ep 2

It’s Miami and Dallas, peeps! Beaches meet Cowboys, bikinis meet cowboy hats, and Simon meets weirdos? Seriously, weirdos. We have Justin Bieber went-even-wrong since Bieber is a wrong thing since the beginning.

We have diva/bitch


And even ‘Presley’

nick voss

This is so frustration because Episode 1 was amazingly awesome and then, this? For godness sake, this is not the worst yet, I mean, this is my personal opinion. There’s this rock and roll guy, Dexter Haygood.

dexter haygood

Watch this first.

First, he almost got cut off but Simon ‘saved’ him and gave him a second chance, I would say usually, USUALLY second chance means mind blowing performances but instead I feel like it’s just SLIGHTLY better, I mean 1% better only? He got thru the audition. For me, I don’t feel like he’s good enough for this competition but America rejects my opinion.

This is a poll made in and it says:

Did the Judges Make the Right Call on Xander Alexander?

Yes 80.18%

No 19.82%


Well, all judges passed him, so I rest my case. Let me just enlighten you all with the top audition of the night. Cailin Koch, 21.


Beautiful right? Oh by the way, she’s a rugby coach. Anyway, total voice control and her style is seriously unique. Watch this!

Last by not least, I would say the best audition of the night goes to…. *drum-rolls*



She sang ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. Yup, tough song but let me tell you this, she freaking nailed it! Yes, as powerful as Beyonce! Trust me, this is the only video you would not want to miss it.

Sometimes I really wish that I have their talent.. *envy* but anyway summary for Episode 2 was talent’s not overwhelming, lots of retards and looking forward for Episode 3 next Friday! (Only for me who watch X Factor thru Malaysia’s 8TV)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The X-Factor USA Ep 1

I been waiting and waiting for Simon Cowell to be back on reality television show and finally, he’s BACK!


Well, I do not have Astro or whatever other channel, Imma sticking with my 8TV. Their channel might be late a couple days late than US time but I’m good with it, as long it’s air in Malaysia.

There’s a few talent I would say it’s good such as this 12 years old, Rachel Crow


Not bad I would say, for a twelve years old young lady.

There’s a lot of wonderful talent but I’m promoting the excellent ones only; such as Stacey Francis, a 42 years old mom of two.


Her voice is just…. beautiful. Seriously, watch this.

I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with her ex-‘husband’. Seriously, for a person to suppress this wonderful woman is just a jerk. Whoever you are, curse you.

Well, next we have this guy, Chris Rene, 28.


He sang his audition with his own original song, Young Homie. I mean, for a big show like this he uses his own song. It’s kinda bold but you will believe each words he sang. Try listening.

For a person who just got off from rehab, I’m freaking sure it must be hard for him to scrap of his addiction but I guess, this might be his chance.

Well, such wonderful an opening for the brand new reality show, I would say (for now), this show is 100% better than this year’s American Idol. For everyone (Malaysian), who doesn’t have Astro, like me, The X-Factor is on 8TV; every Friday and Saturday, starting 10pm and 10.30pm.

I am so hype for this show!! *smile smile*

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weekly Craze: Just a Laugh

For some you might see this before or maybe it's kinda old already but I still find it very funny!

"I see a school with a light... and some grass" Haha, have a good laugh!