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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A great man…

Today, we, Xaverians from St. Xavier’s Institution Penang had received a terrible loss. Our Brother Director, Brother Karl Wolff also better known as Brother Charles Levin has to leave us for the Creator.


According to The Star newspaper, he passed away today, 14th October 2012, of sepsis at 4.14am. He was 85.

la salle

When I woke up this morning, as my morning Facebooking routine, I was pretty shocked I saw a few of my friends posting “RIP Brother Charles” and so. At first I thought it was just a joke or prank but after reading several posts, I began to doubt my doubt. I just couldn’t accept this shocking news!

Just a couple days ago, I still saw him, lingering around the school, with his usual stick, strolling along the corridor and now he’s gone? For me, I just can’t accept it! Although he never taught me in class, but from the first day I had ever step into this school, I knew this man is a great man! I have my utter respect towards him.



When I was Form 2, I went to his German lesson couple of times. As I was young and I didn’t have the passion to learn German language, he still taught us well, with passion and patience. I still can remember our class started at 7am and we will be leaving around 7.40am, through the Brother’s Quarter. Used to always greet in German every morning, “Guten Morgen, Bruder Charles”…



Having Brother Charles to leave us, is truly a great loss. In the year 2009, our last Brother principal, Brother Paul retired, a year later, great Brother Brendan passed away and now our last Brother Director had to leave us. Seriously, I really what will happen to St. Xavier’s Institution after this. No more figure to defend our school’s mission, vision, legacy and tradition.

We will always pray for you, as for the students and the children of St. Xavier, we will always hold our Lasallian principles. Rest in peace.

Auf wiedersehen….