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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Craze: Judas

I know it's Sunday but hey, it's still weekend! Enjoy this new song by Mother Monster!


P.S. It's dangerously addictive. Caution ya?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Age of Glory: KOMTAR

KOMTAR, acronym of Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak was once ‘the’ complex of all times before all others high-end complex such as Gurney Plaza or Queensbay mall.

DSC00302 (1024x768)

But now as, if you ask the younger generation about shopping complex, first in mind would be Gurney Plaza and so on and so on, but they would not mention about KOMTAR. Why? This is why!

DSC00293 (1024x768)

Isolated, abandoned, you named it. As I can remember from my childhood, this road is always packed of people, walking and struggling to get thru but now the floor is pretty squeaky clean.

DSC00296 (1024x768)

When I walked down in KOMTAR, I can feel those nostalgic feeling I once had when I was very young; Uncle sitting down, lot of people walking down the complex, McDonalds were packed of people eating burger. I even went to this eatery where it’s has been open long time ago.

DSC00292 (1024x768)

I meant, just look at this KFC store.

DSC00298 (1024x768)

So many freaking years and it’s still standing STRONG!

Seriously, the only thing the public come to KOMTAR is to settle there fines, taxes, etc etc. Nothing much! Just that!

DSC00295 (1024x768)

A lot of stores are still there, and they refused to leave. I guess they still believe that KOMTAR will have the age of glory once more in the future. Furthermore, the government is repairing/upgrading KOMTAR which I was really pleased by those action.

DSC00297 (1024x768)

Moreover, part of KOMTAR had became ICT Mall, which I think it’s a brilliant idea, something like Low Yat in KL.

DSC00299 (1024x768)

I mean, it’s a great first step to renovate KOMTAR and open an ICT mall, but they just need to make their paces a lot faster because I am afraid it’s something like KOMTAR too.

DSC00300 (1024x768)