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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Change of season

A week before, it was a sunny, bright and warm day with tremendous supply of UV rays.. until it reaches this week.


Seriously, for the past week my days were horrible and restrained. Let’s just say ‘I hate rain right now..’ It’s kinda unusual cause I am the type of people who loves rain. When it’s raining, it’s cooling and comfy but usually that time is either holiday or a day I spend at home.


Frustrated am I , right? Tell you why. For the past weekend, I was very busy with my school’s Board’s farewell dinner which happened just yesterday and it was AMAZING, like duhhh. Motorcycle is the best transportation to travel to buy something in Penang but with this raining season, it’s just a pain in my chest (used another word to reduce vulgarity).


“Why not car instead?” Well, that’s a good question! Ask my great-all-mighty brother, he’s using the card for 24/7 and I mean LITERALLY 24/7. I seriously don’t understand him, to request to use even for freaking 1 day is a failure. It’s like I’m talking to the wall.

Anyway, my whole week of suffering paid off since the farewell dinner went EXTREMELY Awesome! Seriously, if it’s wasn’t for my friends to offer me transportation to school on rainy days. I would be stuck and home, dry or stuck at school, wet.

Wanna know what we got for the farewell dinner?


Yup, the robot man from Party Rock Anthem ‘visited’ us!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weekly Craze: Examination

Well, this week isn’t crazy much but still the subject we are referring now (Obviously me) is gonna explode soon. Sometimes I really do wonder, why does examination exists? It will just cause lots of stress only. *tired*

stress word

Anyway, due to my upcoming examination and I know it goes same with others as well, here’s my ‘medication’ for my pre-examination, music.

“Soothing music showed significant reductions in stress, anxiety and depression,”

- Psychiatry News From Medical News Today

Well, I do believe this point cause I really do de-stress by listen to music, therefore here’s some of my ‘medicine’ of the week. Some might like it, some not, anyway as conclusion, you decide.

Soothing yet inspiring. Enjoy :)
The best of all, I guess all agree right?
Enjoy….. :D

There’s more but it depends on personal flavour. Find your own flavor and it will sure de-stress you. One advice, stay away from rock/club/dance for now…. it will not de-stress you but keep you high. It’s like getting ecstasy and the next day, you will stressed up again.

Enjoy~ :)