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Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm 18!

"Finally, now my destiny can begin"

Well, not really. I usually got birthday wishes from my Facebook page such as "Have a blast" or "May your wishes come true". First and foremost, my birthday I was at work, FULL TIME shift!

But I was quite surprise, I actually had a great time there. My friends stop by to see me and even my supervisors com plot with my friends to buy a cake for me. *smile*

Well, I have to say my life as a 17 wasn't that bad. I actually achieved a few things.

My 1st wish from last year was safety to my family and nothing serious happen to them. Hopefully it will goes the same this year!

Able to force my Tourism Club's teacher to take us to KL.

Went to Genting Highlands after 11 years!

I am a materialistic. I don't denied that but sometimes, I just wish that safety to everyone is the most important! Hopefully this year will be a 'blast' and may all wishes come true.

*finger crossed*

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weekly Craze: Gurney Plaza

It's gonna weekend, again. Oh, before I start anything, Happy Thaipusam to all my fellow friends! Anyone I know or anyone I don't know too.

Gurney Plaza, the perfect spot for weekender to spend their time with anyone! Now, it's filled with Chinese New Year mood, the Rabbit Year!

Every weekend, there will be something on. Remember the cute green superhero with the word EcoGreen? It's Panasonic this week.

Televisions, Home appliances, Camera, you name it!

Need 3D? They have it too!

Try it and maybe you need it in your life? It's gonna be very lively since they have DJs and some local artists coming soon. Why not spending a few hours shopping?

And speaking ABOUT shopping, it's CNY soon. New clothes ready for the season? Oh no, not yet? Well, I have a solution for you!

Parkson~! Yes and No. Why? Yes, it's 'the' Parkson and No because Valentino Rudy Italy, Carven and Savile Row London is having promotion UP TO 70% for their clothes! Men and women, I told you already; You name it, they have it!




They provide you some exclusive executive clothes with a very reasonable price. Polo-T and knit wear are quite interesting as well.

Variety of choices and colour and even FABRIC!

Cotton, silk, linen? Seek it yourself!

A few sample of their mannequins were office wear,

Casual wear

Or both?

Visit Gurney Plaza this weekend and you might spend your money on the right items this time! If not, why not spend your time to try on some clothes or play with their appliances like a mother playing a game called "Cooking Mama".

How about real life, madam?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Genting Highlands

It had been 10 years since I step into the Genting Highlands I once loved.

3 days 2 nights, staying at First World Hotel. Not a bad experiences. Seriously there nothing much difference from the last time I went there.

Theme park looks exactly the same, except for the Panasonic Eco Idea.

So cute yet green! I admired those decoration made by the management such as this

and this

Nice and green; I meant green as in eco-green. Anyway, First World Plaza's design caught my attention much. Times Square, Hollywood, Paris, Venice, I feel like going everywhere in one place!

Genting Highlands is not a place to be stingy, since a plate of fried rice already cost RM9.90 but worry not cause most of the franchise shop only costs another RM5. That's quite affordable.

Theme Park is a must since all those attraction lies there. For normal season, All Park only costs RM62 only; Outdoor, Indoor and Wet.

If you don't have camera, fear not since most of the ride they offer photo session during your ride, but be careful of your pocket because one picture might cost you RM10++!

Outdoor theme park is strictly No Smoking area, so fear not children!

But most of the ride have height requirement, minimum or maximum. Therefore, measure yourself with the Height Worm. You can find it 'everywhere'.

If your heart is made up of steel or rock, you might want to try this.

Not recommendable for weak-heart, like me. ">.<"

During my walk, I spotted some Coke machines which is.... ancient!

Bottled Coke? That's seriously old; but it's just there as decoration only. LOL

Well, as a Starbucks Coffee fan, Genting Highlands have 3 outlets for Starbucks! Highland Hotel, First World's Lobby and First World Plaza.

Such a cool place, why not have a nice cup of coffee or tea?

Coffee then tea, please... *smile*

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekly Craze: We No Speak Americano

Thought it's better to start a year with a laugh

Happy New Year 2011! *high 5*