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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekend’s Getaway

Practically it’s not really a ‘getaway’ of vacation-type but to reduce mental stress from studious. My bad for not updating my blog cause of the amount of homework you can visually see that it’s pilling up and never comes down. By the way, I am currently studying as a Form Six.


Therefore, the only days I‘m looking forward is the weekend! *Looking forward to the weekend*

Seriously, weekend really save my life. As weekend arrived, I have 48 hours of freedom to finish up my homework, leisure and time for blogging :) Therefore, as today, I went to Tesco Tanjung Tokong. The newly open Tesco which replace the old one at upper Greenlane.


I was looking forward for this because I planned to visit here on the opening of the store but… you know, homework? My brother went there and he told me there’s like Sakae Sushi, Mizi Bistro, Swensen… Waaahhhh! *excited*

And it’s true! I see a lot of stall there, the concept may be something like the old store but me likey the new tenants! Ground floor and the 1st floor is mainly for all the tenants; food, beverages, clothing and electronics. And the main topic is at the 2nd floor, TESCO supermarket. Eventually I spent a lot there, food and more food. It was really really spacious!

And later, I went to town area at the afternoon. My target was Prangin Mall cause I wanted to get a Y-cable for audio.


But due to lack of experience of the product, I bought a Y-cable for audio BUT not left/right output. I bought the same mono output.


I was really frustrated when I realised I bought the wrong thing when I reached home. Haizz, what a luck. Anyway before I went home, I went to 1st Avenue where once I worked there. Find my old colleague and friends, it was really nice to talk to them after months of not contacting them. What a nostalgia feeling. *dreaming*

Meeting back friends there wasn’t my only motive, as I was going to visit another supermarket in 1st Avenue which is Carrefour.


Well, it was nice to FINALLY have a supermarket for 1st Avenue where I believe it will attract more customers there. It was kinda packed due to the space and their stocks. Final say, it’s a shop-able place.

After wondering aimlessly for a few minutes, I decide to go back as my sickness (Flu) is worst. Since early morning I was sneezing all the way, oh well. Went back home and sleep.


And here am I, blogging after several hours of sleep. Hopefully every weekend I could blog about something that will happen to me. Some good, of course. Looking forward for tomorrow too as I will be…….


Night peeps. *smile*