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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Craze: Canon Rock

Well, it's not the infamous Canon Rock by guitar but a simple recorder!

Seriously, this is sickalicious! Lovin' IT!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot

Staying in Penang is truly a blessing to me since there’s so many places I can go and not get lost, literally you could not get lost in Penang unless you head to the jungle and yes you get lost there.

IMG_0078 (1024x768)

Penang Hill, tourist attraction and the heart of Penang. The tram service was recently continued by when we went for hiking, it wasn’t moving. That’s why we WENT hiking!

IMG_0064 (1024x768)

The hike began with a sloopy sloop which is around 40 degree, I guess? Never though it would be this difficult at the beginning of the hike! We manage to survive till the first stop of the hike! Thank GOD!

IMG_0065 (1024x768)

State of physical: Partially working

And we are at 1.3km only, where the trail is around 5km. Another 3.7km to go. *faint*

IMG_0077 (1024x768)

Haha, just joking. As usual, we, the ‘strongmen’ went on our ‘Trail of Test’. Oh ya, luckily we brought camera for this hike and one of us, which is the one wearing white on picture about, was slowly walking up and taking pictures. Let’s see some of his pictures, shall we?

IMG_0074 (1024x768)

Uh-huh, okay…

IMG_0072 (1024x768)

Nevermind, let’s move on the journey.

As we move on our ‘Trail of Test’, we stumble a mansion on the hill.

IMG_0069 (1024x768)

OMFG, WTF! I mean… it’s nice!

Anyway, this is even interesting than the mansion.

IMG_0071 (1024x768)

“Where? What?”

IMG_0071 (1024x768)2

THISS! A white UMC (Unidentified Moving Creature) which WE have never seen before in our life. Curious…. but curiosity kills a cat, right?

As we move forward, against the gravity, FINALLY we manage to reach the top! Of course, harmless. “As usual la~ StrongMEN!”

IMG_0081 (1024x768)

The view of Penang from Penang Hill, just a breath-taking view. Our 5.1km was truly worth it but our physical body do not allow us to stand even longer, therefore we just sat down and look at the scenery.

As we know, Penang Hill is a tourist attraction but this?

IMG_4299 (1024x768)

It’s empty! Maybe it’s due to the closure of the tram service.

Anyway, we ‘Strongmen’ are still human, therefore food are still very essential and off we go to hunt for food. We manage to find a restaurant named ‘David Brown’s Restaurant’.

IMG_0085 (1024x768)

Classy restaurant and beautiful garden but we could not afford it! It’s very very very expansive. Therefore, off we go to the food court. Much cheaper but the food was also very delicious.

After our breakfast/brunch/lunch, we went for a stroll around the hill. 

IMG_0086 (1024x768)

IMG_0087 (1024x768)

The ancient Penang Hill’s tram.

IMG_0084 (1024x768)

Some flora, courtesy from one of my friend. Kudos to you.

IMG_0083 (1024x768)

Paya Terubong/Farlim/Air Itam, hometown!

IMG_0089 (1024x768)

Even a big millipede said Hi to us. 

We manage to spend around an hour plus up there and we decided to hike down but hey, picture first!

IMG_4307 (1024x768)

On the way down, about 500 meters away from the peak of the trail, we stumble a jeep-service and we decided to take it! Our legs hurt! It’s cause us around RM30 but it was worth it! Our ride was even better than a roller coaster!

At the end of the day, our legs hurt like madness, we are cashless but it’s some experience that will remain as memories in my brain. Quote from Mastercard, “It’s priceless”.

Your faithful blogger,

IMG_4298 (768x1024)

Me! *smile widely*