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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The X-Factor USA Ep 1

I been waiting and waiting for Simon Cowell to be back on reality television show and finally, he’s BACK!


Well, I do not have Astro or whatever other channel, Imma sticking with my 8TV. Their channel might be late a couple days late than US time but I’m good with it, as long it’s air in Malaysia.

There’s a few talent I would say it’s good such as this 12 years old, Rachel Crow


Not bad I would say, for a twelve years old young lady.

There’s a lot of wonderful talent but I’m promoting the excellent ones only; such as Stacey Francis, a 42 years old mom of two.


Her voice is just…. beautiful. Seriously, watch this.

I seriously don’t know what’s wrong with her ex-‘husband’. Seriously, for a person to suppress this wonderful woman is just a jerk. Whoever you are, curse you.

Well, next we have this guy, Chris Rene, 28.


He sang his audition with his own original song, Young Homie. I mean, for a big show like this he uses his own song. It’s kinda bold but you will believe each words he sang. Try listening.

For a person who just got off from rehab, I’m freaking sure it must be hard for him to scrap of his addiction but I guess, this might be his chance.

Well, such wonderful an opening for the brand new reality show, I would say (for now), this show is 100% better than this year’s American Idol. For everyone (Malaysian), who doesn’t have Astro, like me, The X-Factor is on 8TV; every Friday and Saturday, starting 10pm and 10.30pm.

I am so hype for this show!! *smile smile*

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